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StillAlive provides full stack production environment testing to ensure your live web application is online. StillAlive can log in, fill out forms, navigate through your site, and check that it is operating as you would expect, every minute of every day. There are a lot of web 1.0 monitoring tools out there, sites that check a page has some text on it, sites that make sure that your servers respond to a ping. But StillAlive is different. The StillAlive service runs of plain English recipes that you can write, allowing you to check that User login is working, or that the dashboard of your app is operating correctly.


Advanced reporting features - We also provide a reports window that allows you to track site uptime, faults, and response times, via our in-app graphing interface. We also allow you to export these values to CSV so you can use StillAlive as your own quality assurance tool!

Worry-free website management - That's about it really. Set it and forget it. Once you have StillAlive set up for your website, it will be your silent guardian, ready to alert you to any errors at a moment's notice.

Instantaneous notification and continuous checking - When things go wrong (a tragic inevitability), our notifications system will alert you quickly and efficiently. Combine this with our continuous testing, this means that we’re almost guaranteed to alert you before your users realise there is a problem! We use SMS, email, and a range of other tools (such as Campfire and Hipchat) to make sure you or your appointed system administrators can solve the problem with a minimum of downtime.


  • 30 days Trial: Free
  • Startup: $15/month
  • Business: $40/month
  • Enterprise: $80/month