ReportGrid API

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ReportGrid is a Boulder, Colorado company focused on developing cloud-scalable technology to solve problems in big data analytics and visualization. Every SaaS application needs to provide reporting to users, so they can see return on investment and learn how to more effectively solve their problems. But building a big data analytics and reporting solution on top of open source is not easy - in fact, it costs hundreds of thousands to millions. We make it easy to add analytics and data visualization to your application by providing a cloud-hosted, high-level API that wraps a big data analytics database and next-generation HTML5 visualization engine.

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Perform - deep analysis on your data, ranging from analytics, to statistics, to machine learning.

Focus - on core application functionality and understand your data.

Store - your big data in the Precog cloud environment.

Build - big data applications without the headache of custom data infrastructure development.



  • Personal: Branded-Free --- Whitelabel - $8/month
  • Company: Branded-Free --- Whitelabel - $99/month
  • Oem: Branded-Free --- Whitelabel - $399/month