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Right now you are blind. It’s true. You have an app, you setup a local SMTP server and start firing emails at it. You don’t know if they are bouncing, making it to the Inbox or just failing altogether. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. You should not have to worry about this stuff, it’s an entire industry on its own. With Postmark, we provide the peace of mind and insight to know your valuable messages are being received. We’ve been running an email marketing service, Newsberry, for five years. Through trial and error we already know what it takes to manage a large volume of email.

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A proven Email Infrastructure - We’ve had over 7 years of email sending experience, first with our own email marketing service. Through trial and error we already know what it takes to manage a large volume of email. We handle things like whitelisting, ISP throttling, reverse DNS, feedback loops, content scanning, and delivery monitoring to ensure your emails get to the inbox.

Fantastic Support & Education - A great product requires great support and even better education. Our team is spread out across six time zones to offer fast support on everything from using Postmark to best practices on content and user engagement. A solid infrastructure only goes so far, that’s why improving our customer’s sending practices helps achieve incredible results.

Secure & Reliable Environment - Hosted at Rackspace, we’re able to offer both the physical (SAS70 data center) and environment security through a completely dedicated cluster of servers. Our servers utilize virtualization and high availability failover protection to properly handle outages and keep your data safe.

"…the time not spent dealing with email problems is worth the price of Postmark many times over." Chris Dary - Readability



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