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OneSky is a SaaS (Software as a Service) translation platform that helps mobile apps, Facebook apps and websites go international by turning into 70+ languages easiliy and affordabily. Transforming the mannual and time-consuming traditional process into a hassel-free, automated and streamlined translation experience. API and SDKs ready.

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Cross-platform Integration - for iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript with pre-built SDKs and Rest-ful API.

Do Translation in different ways - Machine Translation, Crowdsrouce Translation (80+ languages), Agency Translation (70+ languages)

Continous Update & Improvement - User Feedback System to engage users improving the translation quality; API & SDKs enable auto-update of completed translation

"We looked at a lot of solutions for website translations but OneSky was our clear favorite. OneSky has the right strategy and they've been awesome to work with to boot." Jared Friedman - Scribd



  • ~1,500 words: ~$150
  • ~12,00 words: ~$1,200
  • ~30,000 words: ~$3,000