Logentries helps you to understand what is happening under the hood of your apps and to find and resolve issues quickly. Monitor your logs in real time and get an instant, easy to understand view across your entire application logs. Logs are analysed and visualised so that you can make sense of large volumes of log data quickly. For example, use logentries to quickly see and resolve system warnings or errors. Logentries can also be applied from a business analytics perspective to understand how many users registered, logged in, made payments etc. over particualr time periods.

Logentries Screenshot


Search - Easy to use search for all as well as advanced regex searching for power users

Visualization - Log data is visualized so you can immediately see what is happening in your system; no need to learn a complex search language

_Tag Important Events _ - Highlight system events (errors, warnings, exceptions...), business events (logins, payments, registrations) or any events that are important for your business

Alerting - Easily configure alerts so that your applications do not fail silently

Log Export - Download your logs to your local machine at the click of a button

Mobile Notifications - Receive alerts directly to your iPhone/Android device

Reporting - Build graphs and reports to transform your logs into meaningful data

Pay only for what you use - Logentries uses metered billing so no need to pay in advance for space you will never use



  • Trial: 30 days Unlimited Trial
  • Free: 7 days storage, 1GB indexing limit per month
  • Metered: $0.99 per GB stored, $0.99 per GB indexed, per month