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Exceptional manages your errors, we find errors and help you fix them, with intelligent error grouping and full backtraces. Exceptional send e-mail and SMS alerts when exceptions are found, a team can then comment and create tickets to fix the exception. Our EngineYard Add-on makes it easy to start tracking exceptions in your Rails app. We also support javascript, iOS and many more languages to keep track of applications thought out your application.

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Manage your errors - We believe in Exception Zero. We find errors and help you fix them. Zero open errors means you have a healthy application.

Intelligent error grouping - We detect when many different errors all boil down to the same problem. We group them together so you know when you’ve solved it.

View full backtraces - Exceptional makes sure you have all the data you need when chasing down an error.

Capture custom data - You can add app-specific data to an error so you know, for example, which user was affected by an error.



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