Brighter Planet

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\"What gets measured gets managed.\" (Mindy Lubber, Ceres). Engage employees, empower customers, and make a difference by plugging sustainability into your applications. As a standards-based web service, Brighter Planet CM1 analyzes business data behind the scenes, yielding actionable insights about current activities and revealing meaningful differences between future alternatives.

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Super simple API - CM1 offers a RESTful HTTP interface that speaks XML and JSON

Broad scope - CM1 can assess a wide variety of activities, from transportation to computation to supply chains



  • First 1–10,000 queries/mo. $0.010
  • Next 90,000 queries/mo. $0.009
  • Next 900,000 queries/mo. $0.008
  • All subsequent queries/mo. $0.006
  • All non-commercial queries No charge