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Managing modern applications is hard. Really hard. The application environment is much more dynamic, distributed and heterogeneous while customers expect “always-on” service. IT Operations teams need help. Traditional APM solutions that were designed in the pre-cloud era cannot cope with the dynamic and highly distributed nature of today’s applications. Boundary is taking an innovative new approach to helping companies detect, diagnose and resolve application problems.

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Cloud Monitoring - See the affect of latency on your application in the Cloud, optimize for best performance and lowest cost.

Real Time Application Performance Monitoring - Watch every application continuously every second so you can prevent problems before they affect quality of service.

IT Operations Management For Dynamic Environments - Diagnose issues faster in complex, modern infrastructures that experience rapid and continuous change. "

“With Boundary, our operations team gets the vital real-time insights it needs to stay on top of traffic patterns, quickly spot and address issues, and tune our deployments so we can continue to deliver fantastic service to our customers.” Dan Lynn, CTO, FullContact



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